Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wide Open Skies

For anybody who picks up reading this blog again and isn’t totally involved in my life (don’t think there are many) my situation has totally changed.

Since I last posted, I’ve left New Brunswick and taken up a new academic position in *Gasp* Western Canada. Yes indeed, I’ve gone down the road. I’m now one of those carpet bagging Easterners, etc.

The move was finally motivated by some of the proposed changes in New Brunswick’s post secondary education system. The continuing cuts, lack of direction, excessive administration, increasing administrative demands on my time, and general hopelessness was getting to me. Then comes the serious threat of turning the university I was at into a polytech and it was time for me to get the hell out of Dodge (if you’ll forgive the metaphor – at least at Dodge you could shoot back).

So now we (my partner and I) are enduring the joys of a prairie winter. At least we see the sun on a regular basis and it doesn’t snow 3 feet at a time. In all fairness, the move has been generally good for both of us. The work environment I’m in isn’t total dysfunctional (or at least I haven’t found all the dysfunction so I can maintain the delusion) and my better half has been able to tele-commute to a job she really likes, so that side’s pretty good.

We’ve also met some great folks, including a few folks from back east, so socially we’re getting settled. More importantly I’ve found regular ice time. On the other hand there’s no senior full contact football.

I guess the real point of this post is to say

1) I’ll be back – I’ve got the bug again

2) There are goods and bads about every place. I’m trying to enjoy the memories of where I was and the benefits of where I am.

Maybe the second point shouldn’t just apply to geography, but time as well.


Howdy said...

Best of luck with the move West, young man!

I've enjoyed your past blog posts and am glad that you've resumed. Looking forward to your comments on all the global economic meltdown fun that happened during your break.

-DP in TO

The eternal student... said...

Happy for you dude. End of university semesters have not been the same without you (and we need someone to enforce those cell phone bylaws, damnit).

Peace and Cheers

Anonymous said...

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